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www.unesourisetmoi.info vous présente toutes les oeuvres du peintre Savaltor Dali, exposition de 1024 tableaux

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1972_01 DalH from the Back Painting Gala from the Back Eternalized by Six Virtual Corneas Provisionally Reflected in Six Real Mirors unfinished circa 1972-73
1972_13 DalH Palete.Frontispiece for the outline of The Key DalH Paintings 1972
1972_21 The Daughter of the West Wind 1972
1972_10 The Face 1972
1972_14 Gala s Dream _Dream of Paradise circa 1972
1972_08 Marilyn Monroe 1972
1972_03 Overture in Trompe l Oeil circa 1972
1972_04 Palace of the Winds circa 1972-73
  1972_20 Palace of the Winds ceiling painting in the Teatro Museo DalH detail 1972-73.jpg  
1972_02 Polyhedron.Basketball Players Being Transformed into Angels Asembling a Hologramthe Central Element 1972
1972_12 Quantificat.o Leonardo de VinciSLastSuper circa1972
1972_09 Radiators Radiator-Covers circa 1972
1972_07 Self-Portrait Photomontage with the famous Mao-Marilyn that Philipe Halsman created at DalH s wish 1972
1972_18 The Sleeping Smoker circa 1972-73
1972_17 The Sleeping Smoker circa 1972-73
1972_11 Space Eve 1972
1972_06 Trajan on Horseback 1972

1972 20 Palace of the Winds ceiling painting in the Teatro Museo DalH detail 1972-73
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