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www.unesourisetmoi.info vous présente toutes les oeuvres du peintre Savaltor Dali, exposition de 1024 tableaux

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1977_05 T Wash Basin stereoscopic work right component 1976
1977_12 Aurora s Head After Michelangelo detail of a Figure on the Grave of Lorenzo Di Medici 1977
1977_03 DalH Lifting the Skin of the Mediteranean Sea to Show Gala the Birth of Venus stereoscopic work right component 1977
1977_15 Fertility 1977
1977_02 The Happy Unicorn 1977
1977_09 Head _stair-way in the museum 1977
1977_20 Las Meninas The Maids-in-Waitingfirst metaphysical hyper-realist painting unfinished 1977
1977_11 Nike Victory Goddess of Samothrace Appears in a Tre Bathed in Light circa 1977
  1977_04 Portrait of Gala circa 1977.jpg  
1977_21 Randomdot CorrelogramThe Golden Flece stereoscopic work left component unfinished circa 1977
1977_22 Randomdot CorrelogramThe Golden Flece stereoscopic work right component unfinished circa 1977
1977_10 Soft Skulls with Fried Eg Without the Plate Angels and Soft Watch in an Angelic Landscape 1977
1977_13 Surrealist Angel circa 1977
1978_04 Allegory of Spring 1978
1978_05 Ampurdanese Landscape 1978
1978_01 Cybernetic Odalisque 1978
1978_16 Dark Tapeworms circa 1978

1977 04 Portrait of Gala circa 1977
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