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www.unesourisetmoi.info vous présente toutes les oeuvres du peintre Savaltor Dali, exposition de 1024 tableaux

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1939_02 Mad Tristan circa 1939
1939_08 Metamorphosis o t 5 Alegories of GiovanniBelini1939
1939_03 Philosopher Illuminated by the Light of the Moon and the Seting Sun 1939
1939_27 Portrait of Gala _unfinished_ detail 1939
1939_23 Psychoanalysis and Morphology Meet 1939
1939_22 Set for Bacchanale _circa 1939
1939_05 Shirley Temple 1939
1939_20 The Sphere Atacks the Pyramid.Cover of the Catalogue of the Exhibition at Julien Levy s in New York._1939
  1939_04 Telephone in a Dish With Three Griled Sardines at the End of September 1939.jpg  
1940_11 Allegory o Sunset Air Allegory of t Evernng 1940-41
1940_01 Daddy Longlegs of the Evening... Hope!_1940
1940_13 The Golden AgeFamily of Marsupial Centaurs 1940-41
1940_12 Group o Women Imitatng t Gestures of a Schoner 1940
1940_03 Lady Louis Mountbatten 1940
1940_16 March of Time ComitteePapillon circa 1940
1940_04 Old Age Adolescence Infancy _The Three Ages 1940
1940_05 Slave Market w;t Disappearing Bust of Voltaire 1940

1939 04 Telephone in a Dish With Three Griled Sardines at the End of September 1939
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