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www.unesourisetmoi.info vous présente toutes les oeuvres du peintre Savaltor Dali, exposition de 1024 tableaux

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1965_09 Salvador DalH in the Act of Painting Gala in the Apotheosis of the Dolar 1965
1965_12 The Sun of DalH 1965
1965_28_ _Apocalyptic Christ_ Christ with Flames 1965
1965_29_ _St. John from Behind 1965
1966_01 Moses and the Pharaoh 1966
1966_03 The Progress of Tuna Fishing _circa 1966-67
1966_06 Tuna Fishing _advanced State circa 1966-67
1966_05 Tuna Fishing _advanced State circa 1966-67
  1966_04 Tuna Fishing _advanced State circa 1966-67.jpg  
1967_01 Tuna Fishing 1967
1968_06 Fisherman of Port Lligat Mending His Net 1968
1968_01 The Hallucinogenic Toreador 1968-70
1968_05 Mad Mad Mad MinervaIllustration for Memories of Surealism circa 1968
1968_02 The Patio of Port Lligat 1968
1968_07 Tauromachia IThe Torero the Kil third and final round of the bulfight 1968
1969_02 Hour of the Monarchy 1969
1969_04 The Pool of Tears.Illustration for Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll in an Edition Published by Maecenas Pres New York 1969

1966 04 Tuna Fishing advanced State circa 1966-67
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